Our Animals

Western Plains Pork pigs live in an outdoor bred environment.

Australian Pork - Certified Outdoor Bred
  • Western Plains Pork pigs live in an outdoor bred environment.
  • The sows live outside in small paddocks with ample shelter, water and wallows.
    They give birth in insulated huts and the piglets are weaned at 4 weeks of age and move into straw based open ended huts where they are protected from the elements and other predators.
  • The breeding stock come through the Pig Improvement Company (PIC Australia) - a worldwide pig breeding franchise that has developed a pig based on the Large White, Landrace and Duroc breeds which are ideal for our conditions.
  • Western Plains Pork pigs are among the healthiest pigs in Australia with no Artificial Growth Agents or Stimulants being used.
  • All the pigs are fed a diet comprising wheat and barley grown in the local area.
  • This scientifically balanced regime is designed to maintain the animals in excellent health
    and condition.
  • Western Plains Pork is fully accredited by the Australian Pork Industry Quality Program and in
    many areas exceeds the very high standards set by the Industry.
  • Only 7% of pork product in Australia is grown outdoors.
  • Our Bio security is extremely strict at our farms with procedures in place which are adhered to at all times.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Western Plains Pork has an ongoing program to become a carbon neutral farm.
  • The farm reincorporates the use of manures back on crops.
  • Pigs do not naturally contribute to methane
  • Pigs have a naturally efficient conversion of fodder to protein (feed conversion)
    Chickens 1-1    Pigs 2.5-3    Sheep 7    Cattle 9

Outdoor Bred

Our pigs have the freedom to forage on the land, yet be protected from the elements of weather but
free to express instinctive behavior, be free from fear and distress and be free from hormones and
growth promotants yet protected from natural predators

Quality and Taste

  • Throughout the supply chain the people of Western Plains Pork are fully trained; from those who attend to the day to day life of the pigs, to the truck drivers who ensures the ongoing management of a stress free experience.
  • The pigs are fed a specially formulated diet to ensure excellent meat eating quality.